In the UK about 15 million homes have broadband internet, that is more homes than have SKY TV.
The average connection speed on the internet is increasing all the time, 2 Megabits per second
(Mps) are becoming standard (that is enough to deliver TV quality video fullscreen) and with
the next increase in connection speeds coming along, with indicative speeds of 8 mps, internet
video is not only here to stay, its going to get even better.

But the key fact is that across Europe (not just the UK) 80% of holidays are researched on the
internet and 50% of holidays are booked on the internet. That is why we put Holiday TV onto
the internet, because that is where your market, our viewers, are buying their holidays !

1. How do viewers find Holiday TV ?

Viewers can find Holiday TV many ways :

a) Through typing a search term into a search engine eg “internet holiday tv”

b) By going to any of the new Internet tv directories eg

c) By accessing us through any of our partners, eg

d) Holiday TV also run periodic campaigns based on search terms, adwords etc to attract new viewers.

2. How big is the Holiday TV audience ?

Our total audience through all our partners, including NTL/Telewest/Virgin averages out at 230,000. people per month.
And each viewer watches for an average 25 minutes per month.

And the average connection speed is 1.2 mps, which means we have a lot of viewers watching Holiday TV on the TV in their living room !
Oh, and it also means that most of our viewers get a better picture than they can through SKY !

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