Sponsored Video Production

A Programme Content & Audience

1. Destination videos showing the Destination

a) Introduction (3 to 5 mins)
b) What To Do
c) Wildlife and ecology
d) History and Culture
e) Food and Cuisine

2. Up to 20 hotels covering a range of accommodation

a) Large Hotels
b) Private Boutique Hotels
c) Spa Hotels
d) Small Hotels/Country hideaways

3. Production Timing

a) The 4 person film crew will spend on average 2 weeks in a destination
b) The total production time, including research & planning, shooting,
editing, scripting and voice-over takes 5 weeks on average

4. Communication

a) Total programme time (excluding adverts etc) 1hour minimum
b) Estimated audience over 3 month period 3/4 million unique households in UK and Europe.
Link to promotion of destination at Lastminute.com across Europe.

B Programme Production and Sponsorship

1. To shoot 1 hour programme from new €35,000 (£20,000)

2. To use B roll, minimum is €9,000 (£6,500) and new footage is proportional to length of programme/programme cost

C Support Expected from Sponsor

1. Return flights to UK for 4 people
2. Internal flights and transport (if we cannot organise with hotels/resorts)
3. A letter sent to all hotels within the next few weeks telling them what is happening and asking for their co-operation.
4. Payment for producing the programme and shooting the footage
Terms are 50% on order, 50% on completion
5. Payment for running TV type advertisements for 3 months (negotiable).

D Timing

By agreement

E Copyright and Ownership

1. As Sponsor (could be airline or tourist board) pays Holiday TV then sponsor will own the footage and will give Holiday TV a license to use it.
2. Holiday TV will provide the sponsor with a copy of the edited programme which sponsor may give to other organisations as long as they do not compete with Holiday TV.
This footage can also be used by sponsor for promotional purposes.

Note that UK tv stations now require footage in 16x9 format and in High definition, so your existing b roll may not be usable.

3. For a small monthly fee the video programme from Holiday TV can be made
available to play on your Destination web-site.
For a further fee, we can produce the programme in other languages, such as French, Urdu, Arabic etc

F Playout

1. The programme will play on Holiday TV for 3 months, there is no charge for transmission.

2. If you want to run advertisements within the programme then we will do so at no extra charge for 3 months

3. After the 3 months, if you specifically want to run a campaign with us then we will charge at a rate to be negotiated.
Contact Peter Barrett at our sales agency, Digital Media Sales, on 0845 122 8919

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